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The Moonshiner 28 got its name after the twists and turns from Moonshine runners avoiding the police go across state lines selling the white lighting moonshine. The runners would go from South Carolina through Franklin North Carolina into Robbinsville and onto Tennessee through Deals Gap.

Moonshiner 28 is a great road to travel by motorcycle or car and has many twists and turns, and even great views and waterfalls along t5he way covering three states. There are sections of Route 28 in North Carolina just as good as the tail of the dragon. Most of the road is 55mph, but you will ned to slow down on some of the twists and turns in the road.

The Moonshiner 28  highway goes from US 129 at the Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap, and winds its way southeastward through Franklin and Highlands North Carolina before turning southward into Georgia and South Carolina at Walhalla.

Moonshiner 28 Map

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