Dwight Grigbsy Owner of Smoky Mountain Motorcycle Rentals and Tours | Smoky Mountain Motorcycle Rentals & Tours

Nestled in the woods of the Great Smoky Mountains you will find Dwight Grigsby’s company and lifelong dream, Smoky Mountain Motorcycle Rentals and Tours in Robbinsville North Carolina. The name clearly defines its service to motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the world, by making available some of the industry’s most lucrative motorcycles to test drive and tour with through the Great Smoky Mountains. The only problem you will have is deciding which bike do I want to rent, which tour do I decide to take, which off road trail, which beautiful waterfall to take pictures at, and which overlook or historic area to explore!

Dwight’s passion for motorcycles began 36 years ago with his first bike a 1974 Honda XR75 which started his interest in riding sport touring and has continued to today and intensified over the years. His inventory includes bikes from BMW, Ducati, Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki and the upcoming 2012 Motus MST-R. The specifications can all be found under available bikes.

Dwight Grigbsy, owner of Smoky Mountain Motorcycle Rentals and Tours, international touring experience includes riding in remarkable places such as Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and Holland as well as a dirt bike tour in Costa Rica.

The adrenaline rush of the ride along with his incredible respect for nature’s beauty has made it his goal to share that feeling with others that know and appreciate all that the Great Smoky Mountains has to offer. His motto is “If you’re not riding in the Great Smoky Mountains you just might not be riding.”